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Graph Transformation and Visual Modelling


Graphical structures of various kinds (like graphs, diagrams, visual sentences and others) are very useful to describe complex structures and systems in a direct and intuitive way. These structures are often augmented by formalisms which add to the static description a further dimension allowing for the modelling of the evolution of systems via any kind of transformation of such graphical structures. The field of Graph Transformation is concerned with the theory, applications and implementation issues of all these formalisms.
The theory is strongly related to areas such as graph theory and graph algorithms, formal language and parsing theory, theory of concurrency and distributed systems, formal specification and verification, logic and semantics. The application areas include all those fields of Computer Science, Information Processing, Engineering and Natural Sciences where static and dynamic modeling by graphical structures and graph transformations, respectively, play an important role. In many of these areas tools based on graph transformation technology have been implemented and used.

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