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Publications Olga Runge

Analysing Refactoring Dependencies Using Graph Transformation
Zitatschlüssel MRT07
Autor Mens, T. and Taentzer, G. and Runge, O.
Seiten 269-285
Jahr 2007
Journal Software and System Modeling
Jahrgang 6
Nummer 3
Zusammenfassung Refactoring is a widely accepted technique to improve the structure of object-oriented software. Nevertheless, existing tool support remains restricted to automatically applying refactoring transformations. Deciding what to refactor and which refactoring to apply still remains a difficult manual process, due to the many dependencies and interrelationships between relevant refactorings. In this paper, we represent refactorings as graph transformations, and we propose the techniques of critical pair analysis and sequential dependency analysis to detect the implicit dependencies between refactorings. The results of this analysis can help the developer to make an informed decision of which refactoring is most suitable in a given context and why. We report on several experiments we carried out in the AGG graph transformation tool to support our claims.
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