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Detecting Structural Refactoring Conflicts unsing Critical Pair Analysis
Zitatschlüssel MTR04
Autor Mens, T. and Taentzer, G. and Runge, O.
Buchtitel Proc. Workshop on Software Evolution through Transformations: Model-based vs. Implementation-level Solutions (SETra'04), Satellite Event of ICGT'04)
Jahr 2004
Adresse Rome, Italy
Monat October
Herausgeber Heckel, R. and Mens, T.
Verlag ENTCS
Zusammenfassung Refactorings are program transformations that improve the software structure while preserving the external behaviour. In spite of this very useful property, refactorings can still give rise to structural conflicts when parallel evolutions to the same software are made by different developers. This paper explores this problem of structural evolution conflicts in a formal way by using graph transformation and critical pair analysis. Based on experiments carried out in the graph transformation tool AGG, we show how this formalism can be exploited to detect and resolve refactoring conflicts.
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