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Publications Prof. Hartmut Ehrig (TFS)

Rule-Based Modeling and Static Analysis of Self-adaptive Systems by Graph Transformation
Zitatschlüssel BEEP14
Autor Bucchiarone, Antonio and Ehrig, Hartmut and Ermel, Claudia and Pelliccione, Patrizio and Runge, Olga
Buchtitel Software, Services, and Systems
Seiten 582-601
Jahr 2015
ISBN 978-3-319-15544-9
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-15545-6_33
Jahrgang 8950
Herausgeber De Nicola, Rocco and Hennicker, Rolf
Verlag Springer International Publishing
Serie Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Zusammenfassung Software systems nowadays require continuous operation despite changes both in user needs and in their operational environments. Self-adaptive systems are typically instrumented with tools to autonomously perform adaptation to these changes while maintaining some desired properties. In this paper we model and analyze self-adaptive systems by means of typed, attributed graph grammars. The interplay of different grammars representing the application and the adaptation logic is realized by an adaption manager. Within this formal framework we define consistency and operational properties that are maintained despite adaptations and we give static conditions for their verification. The overall approach is supported by the AGG tool for modeling, simulating, and analyzing graph transformation systems. A case study modeling a business process that adapts to changing environment conditions is used to demonstrate and validate the formal framework.
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