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Publications Prof. Hartmut Ehrig (TFS)

Attributed Graphs and Typing: Relationship between Different Representations
Zitatschlüssel Ehr04b
Autor Ehrig, H.
Seiten 175-190
Jahr 2004
Journal BEATCS
Jahrgang 82
Zusammenfassung Attributed graphs and typing play an important role in theory and applications of graph grammars, graph transformation systems, visual languages and metamodelling. Attributed graphs can be represented basically as pairs of graphs and algebras on one hand and as algebras of suitable algebraic signatures on the other hand. In this note the different notions are compared on the syntactical and on the semantical level. Two different kinds of algebraic signatures for attributed algebras are discussed leading to different results on both levels. In the case of attributed graph signatures the corresponding category of algebras is isomorphic to the category of typed attributed graphs, while we have only a non-surjective functor in the more general case of attributed algebras for graph structure signatures. An overview of all results is given in the last section of this paper.
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