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Publications Prof. Hartmut Ehrig (TFS)

On the Relevance of High-Level Net Processes
Zitatschlüssel Ehr03a
Autor Ehrig, H.
Seiten 64–68
Jahr 2003
Journal BEATCS
Jahrgang 79
Monat February
Zusammenfassung The notion of nondeterministic and deterministic processes based on occurrence nets is an essential concept to capture the non-sequential truly concurrent behavior of Petri nets. This concept is well-known for elementary nets and safe place-transition nets and has been generalized to other low-level net classes. For high-level nets, however, the standard technique to define processes is to consider them as processes of the low-level net $Flat(N)$ which is obtained from $N$ via the well-known flattening construction. This low-level notion of processes for high-level nets, however, is not really adequate, because the high-level structure using data types is completely lost. For this reason we have introduced a new notion of high-level net processes for high-level nets which captures the high-level structure. The key notion is a high-level occurrence net $K$, which generalizes the well-known notion of occurrence nets from low-level to high-level nets.
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