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Publications Prof. Hartmut Ehrig (TFS)

A Component Framework based on High-Level Replacement Systems
Zitatschlüssel EOB+02c
Autor Ehrig, H. and Orejas, F. and Braatz, B. and Klein, M. and Piirainen, M.
Buchtitel Proc. Int. Workshop on Graph Transformation and Visual Modeling Techniques (GT-VMT'02), Satellite Event of ICGT'02
Seiten 124-138
Jahr 2002
Adresse Barcelona, Spain
Monat October
Zusammenfassung This paper is based on two general concepts. The first one is a generic component framework for system modeling presented at FASE 2002, which is especially useful for graph- and net-based modeling techniques. The second one is the concept of high-level replacement systems, which has been studied within the last decade as an abstraction of the DPO-approach for graph transformation systems in a categorical framework, with instantiations to a large class of different modeling techniques. In this contribution both concepts are combined in the sense that the generic transformation concept – essentially used in the component framework – is instantiated by high-level replacement systems. As the main result we show how the properties for transformations required in the component framework can be shown in the case of high-level replacement systems. Moreover, some interesting extensions concerning multiple interfaces, union, and operational semantics of components are proposed.
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