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Publications Prof. Hartmut Ehrig (TFS)

Towards the Propagation of Model Updates along different Views in Multi-View Models
Zitatschlüssel GNE+16
Autor Gottmann, S., and Nachtigall, N. and Ermel, C. and Hermann, F. and Engel, T.
Buchtitel 5th International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformations
Seiten 45-60
Jahr 2016
Jahrgang 1571
Verlag CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Zusammenfassung Models are the keystones in model-driven systems development. They describe systems at different layers of abstraction and with a focus to different domains. For each domain, dedicated domain specific visual modelling languages are used for model definitions with the idea to separate concerns to different domain experts. This enables precise problem and requirement definitions and should decrease efforts in developing and validating systems. We focus on multi-view models that are in relationship with source models by triple graph grammars. A multi-view model provides different views of the source model at different layers of abstraction but within the same DSL which is typically different from the DSL of the source model. In practice, elements in different views may overlap. We present an informal methodology for consistently propagating updates from one view to the other views and also to the source domain. We motivate our approach by multi-view models in a hospital scenario.
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