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Publications Prof. Hartmut Ehrig (TFS)

Efficient Analysis and Execution of Correct and Complete Model Transformations Based on Triple Graph Grammars - Extended Version
Zitatschlüssel HEGO10b
Autor Hermann, F. and Ehrig, H. and Golas, U. and Orejas, F.
Jahr 2010
ISBN ISSN 1436-9915
Nummer 2010/13
Institution TUB
Zusammenfassung Triple Graph Grammars are a well-established, formal and intuitive concept for the specification and analysis of bidirectional model transformations. In previous work we have formalized and analyzed already termination, correctness, completeness, local confluence and functional behaviour. In this paper, we show how to improve the efficiency of the execution and analysis of model transformations in practical applications by using triple rules with negative application conditions (NACs). In addition to specification NACs, which improve the specification of model transformations, the generation of filter NACs improves the efficiency of the execution and the analysis of functional behaviour supported by critical pair analysis of the tool AGG. We illustrate the results for the well-known model transformation from class diagrams to relation database models.
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