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Publications Prof. Hartmut Ehrig (TFS)

Modeling Communication Spaces with Higher-Order Petri Nets
Zitatschlüssel MEE+09
Autor Tony Modica and Claudia Ermel and Hartmut Ehrig and Kathrin Hoffmann and Enrico Biermann
Buchtitel Advances in Multiagent Systems, Robotics and Cybernetics: Theory and Practice
Seiten 43-48
Jahr 2009
ISBN 978-1-897233-61-0
Adresse Tecumseh, Canada
Jahrgang III
Herausgeber George E. Lasker and Jochen Pfalzgraf
Verlag The International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics
Zusammenfassung Communication Spaces (CS) are intended to give a general view on communication-based systems that focuses on the actors and the relations among each other. One of the main aspects of CS is to take into account human-centric demands, e.g. adaption to environment and preferences, interpretation of content in contexts. Since most of the well-known formal modeling approaches are adequate only for specific aspects of CS, we advocate a new formal approach in this article: reconfigurable algebraic higher-order Petri nets with individual tokens (AHOI nets). This approach is an integration of the well-established modeling techniques Petri nets, algebras, and rule-based Petri net transformation (based on graph transformation). It is intended to cover the main aspects of CS and to analyze and verify properties specific to them. In this article, an informal introduction of the new approach is given and demonstrated on an example modeling of the widely known Internet telephone software Skype. This allows us to discuss the advantages of the new formal approach w.r.t. needs of modeling CS and how the new approach could be extended to support more advanced features of Skype and other CS.
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