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Publications Prof. Hartmut Ehrig (TFS)

Construction and Properties of Adhesive and Weak Adhesive High-Level Replacement Categories
Zitatschlüssel PEL08
Autor Prange, U. and Ehrig, H. and Lambers, L.
Seiten 365–388
Jahr 2008
ISBN ISSN 0927-2852
Journal Applied Categorical Structures
Jahrgang 16
Nummer 3
Zusammenfassung As presented in Ehrig et al. (Fundamentals of Algebraic Graph Transformation, EATCS Monographs, Springer, 2006), adhesive high-level replacement (HLR) categories and systems are an adequate framework for several kinds of transformation systems based on the double pushout approach. Since (weak) adhesive HLR categories are closed under product, slice, coslice, comma and functor category constructions, it is possible to build new (weak) adhesive HLR categories from existing ones. But for the general results of transformation systems, as additional properties initial pushouts, binary coproducts compatible with a special morphism class M and a pair factorization are needed to obtain the full theory. In this paper, we analyze under which conditions these additional properties are preserved by the categorical constructions in order to avoid checking these properties explicitly.
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