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Dissertations TFS

Dr. Ing. Gabriel, Karsten

Interaction on Human-Centric Communication Platforms: Modelling and Analysis using Algebraic High-Level Nets and Processes , TU Berlin, January, 2014.


Dr. Ing. Brandt, Christoph

An Enterprise Modeling Framework for Banks using Algebraic Graph Transformation, TU Berlin, December, 2013.


Dr. Ing. Modica, Tony

Formal Modeling, Simulation, and Validation of Communication Platforms , TU Berlin, June, 2012.


Dr. Ing. Hermann, Frank

Analysis and Optimization of Visual Enterprise Models Based on Graph and Model Transformation , TU Berlin, February, 2011.


Dr. rer. nat. Golas, Ulrike

Analysis and Correctness of Algebraic Graph and Model Transformations , TU Berlin, October, 2010.


Dr. Ing. Schulz, Christoph

Transformation objektorientierter Systeme basierend auf algebraischen Graph-Transformationen , TU Berlin, May, 2010.


Dr. Ing. Braatz, Benjamin

Formal Modelling and Application of Graph Transformations in the Resource Description Framework , TU Berlin, November, 2009.


Dr. rer. nat Lambers, Leen

Certifying Rule-Based Models using Graph Transformation , TU Berlin, October, 2009.


Dr.-Ing. Salum Rangel, Guilherme

Behavioral Congruences and Verification of Graph Transformation Systems with Applications to Model Refactoring , TU Berlin, November, 2008.


Dr.-Ing. Klein, Markus

Transformation-Based Component Architectures -General Framework, Instantiations and Case Study , TU Berlin, September, 2006.


Dr.-Ing. Ermel, Claudia

Simulation and Animation of Visual Languages based on Typed Algebraic Graph Transformation , TU Berlin, July, 2006.


Dr.-Ing. Hoffmann, Kathrin

Formal Approach and Applications of Algebraic Higher Order Nets , TU Berlin, October, 2005.


Dr.-Ing. Schröter, Gunnar

Characterization and Comparison of formal Refinement and Development Relations for Software Modeling Techniques , TU Berlin, November, 2004.


Dr.-Ing. Urbasek, Milan

Categorical Net Transformations for Petri Net Technology , TU Berlin, May, 2003.


Dr.-Ing. Bardohl, Roswitha M.

GENGED: Visual Definition of Visual Languages based on Algebraic Graph Transformation , TU Berlin, 1999.


Dr.-Ing Koch, Manuel

Integration of Graph Transformation and Temporal Logic for the Specification of Distributed Systems , TU Berlin, 1999.


Dr.-Ing. Martini, Alfio Ricardo de Brito

Relating Arrows between Institutions in a Categorical Framework, TU Berlin, 1999.


Dr.-Ing. Geisler, Robert

Formal Semantics for the Integration of Statecharts and Z in a Metamodel-Based Framework, TU Berlin, 1999.


Dr.-Ing.Cornelius, Felix

A Semantical Reference Model for the Integration of Different Dimensions of Distributed System Specification, TU Berlin, 1998.


Dr.-Ing. Heckel, Reiko

Open Graph Transformation Systems: A New Approach to the Compositional Modelling of Concurrent and Reactive Systems, TU Berlin, 1998.


Dr.-Ing. Wolz, Dietmar

Colimit Library for Graph Transformations and Algebraic Development Techniques , TU Berlin, 1998.


Dr.-Ing. Wagner, Annika

A Formal Object Specification Technique Using Rule-Based Transformation of Partial Algebras, TU Berlin, 1997.


Dr.-Ing. Ribeiro, Leila

Parallel Composition and Unfolding Semantics of Graph Grammars, TU Berlin, 1996.


Dr.-Ing. Taentzer, Gabriele

Parallel and Distributed Graph Transformation: Formal Description and Application to Communication- Based Systems , TU Berlin, 1996.


Dr.-Ing. Padberg, Julia

Abstract Petri Nets: Uniform Approach and Rule-Based Refinement, TU Berlin, 1996.


Dr.-Ing. Korff, Martin

Generalized Graph Structure Grammars with Applications to Concurrent Object-Oriented Systems, TU Berlin, 1995.


Dr.-Ing. Große-Rhode, Martin

Specification of Transition Categories - An Approach to Dynamic Abstract Data Types, TU Berlin, 1994.


Dr.-Ing. Claßen, Ingo

Compositionality of Application Oriented Structuring Mechanisms for Algebraic Specification Languages with Initial Semantics, TU Berlin, 1993.


Dr. rer. nat. Rieckhoff, Catharina

Eine Theorie zur graphischen Visualisierung algebraischer Spezifikationen, TU Berlin, 1993.


Dr.-Ing. Löwe, Michael

Extended Algebraic Graph Transformation, TU Berlin, 1990.


Dr.-Ing. Habel, Annegret

Hyperedge Replacement: Grammars and Languages, Univ. Bremen, 1989.


Dr.-Ing. Hummert, Udo

Algebraische High-Level Netze, TU Berlin, 1989.


Dr.-Ing. Fey, Werner

Pragmatics, Concepts, Syntax, Semantics and Correctness Notions of ACT TWO: An Algebraic Module Specification and Interconnection Language, TU Berlin, 1988.


Dr.-Ing. Hansen, Horst

Von algebraischen Spezifikationen zu algebraischen Programmen, TU Berlin, 1986.


Dr.-Ing. Grude, Ulrich

Algebraische Spezifikation und Korrektheit von Compilern, TU Berlin, 1985.


Dr.-Ing. Hoffmann, Berthold

Compiler Generation: From Language Definition to Compiler Specifications, TU Berlin, 1983.


Dr.-Ing. Franzen, Helmut

Compiler Generation: From Compiler Description to Efficient Compilers, TU Berlin, 1983.


Dr.-Ing. Padawitz, Peter

Correctness, Completeness, and Consistency of Equational Data Type Specifications, TU Berlin, 1983.


Dr.-Ing. Mahr, Bernd

Algebraische Komplexität des Allgemeinen Wegeproblems in Graphen, TU Berlin, 1979.


Dr.-Ing. Kreowski, Hans-Jörg

Manipulation von Graphmanipulationen, TU Berlin, 1977.



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